workers compensation

When accidents happen at the workplace, most employers or the employers’ attorney will find a way to put the blame on the concerned employee to avoid paying them just compensation. The injured worker should not be deceived by such blatantly low tactics, and should immediately call on the services of a reputable workers compensation lawyer.

Los Angeles worker’s compensation lawyer that you hire to represent you in your case should be an experienced one that is well versed in compensation laws. It’s standard practice that you’ll be made to sign a retainer contract agreeing to pay them for services rendered in taking up your case, with the fee taken from a specified percentage and deductible from the settlement money.

If the injury sustained by the worker did not in any way affect his ability to perform his duties fully and were not life-threatening, he is still entitled to pursue a compensation case against his employer, and receive monetary compensation. In most cases, the worker can be awarded financial compensation for suffering such injuries, as well as the days he was absent from work.

It’s important to remember to take into account all the details regarding the accident and to get the statements of those who were present at the time when it happened, as well as to get immediate medical assistance to treat your injuries. The worker’s compensation lawyer will require as much detailed information as you can provide, including access to your medical records in able to pursue a claim.

Any worker who is injured at work should contact Turchin Law as soon as possible to get the compensation that he rightfully deserves.

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