Workers Comp Los Angeles

The legal notice period for an employment contract is laid down in Title 10, Section 9 of the Dutch Civil Code. If one of the parties to an employment contract acts contrary to the notice period from the employment contract, compensation will be attached to it. The legislation on the statutory notice period has changed with effect from the new Work and Security Act. One of the changes is the expiry of the possibility of claiming full compensation for not applying the statutory cancellation period. To get this you need a Los Angeles worker's comp lawyer.


New law in Los Angeles The new scheme no longer includes full compensation. In practice, it has been found that this possibility was hardly used. The victim had to prove the existence and the amount of the actual damage suffered, and that was usually very difficult, so recourse to full compensation was rarely successful. For example, it is almost impossible to prove the amount of a variable bonus, because it is first necessary to estimate how high the basis for the bonus, usually the turnover achieved, would have been. In Los Angeles Joe, Southard & Yeoh, LLP is a worker's compensation law firm.

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