Kestenbaum Law Group Handles Theft Cases in Los Angeles

If you have been accused of theft, you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer. In California, theft litigation can be complex depending on the charges pressed against you. Common theft cases include stolen goods, cars, motorcycles, homes and even identity theft. Theft is usually differentiated between petty theft, grand theft and theft. Usually, the gravity of the charges are dependent on the amount and value of the stolen item.

This will subsequently influence the sentence and the Kestenbaum Law Group has helped people fight theft charges against them. Not only do they have experience settling such cases out of court but they also have a good reputation of defending their clients well in court and before the jury. When you contact the firm, they will address your issues personally and with the seriousness it deserves. Being accused of theft is damaging to your reputation and you need the best lawyers to clear your name. 

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