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First of all, the vehicles involved and their damage must be meticulously documented. The location of the Portland accident and visible traces are also named and photographed. Characteristic are, for example, the skid marks Рresidues of the tire rubber on the asphalt, which arise in full braking, but also in sudden speed changes due to collisions. These are measured and also photographed. Not only property damage is recorded, but also, when people have injured, this comes into the accident recording. In addition, of course, witnesses and accident participants are interviewed. Often, this can not be done on the ground because stakeholders are in shock or have other priorities due to serious injury.  The Law Offices of Jon Friedman are a personal injury law firm in Portland.


In most cases, it is therefore advisable or even obligatory to call the police in a car accident. But what about when you drive in a parked car? Here, the driver’s escape punishable, who is simply away from the scene of the accident. Although no witnesses are to be seen at the scene, you must spot to stay. You should wait at least 30 minutes for the owner of the vehicle to exchange your data. If the owner does not show up, you must report the accident to the police in order to enable the accident recording. Hire a Portland auto accident attorney from The Law Offices of Jon Friedman.

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