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Drug Crimes Lawyers in Washington D.C

Drug crime law firm in Washington D.C,  Lotze Mosley, LLP

Have you been arrested by the police for dealing, smuggling, producing or possessing drugs? Then there is a good chance that you will be summoned for questioning and will be summoned before the Correctional Court. A drug crime can have serious consequences and lead to long prison sentences in Washington D.C.


Drug legislation The drug law treats cannabis and other illegal drugs differently. Although cannabis (hemp) is punished less severely, it remains an illegal product. The use or possession of cannabis can therefore in some cases also lead to criminal prosecution. Given that heavy penalties are imposed on drug offenses, it is highly advisable to call in the help of a criminal lawyer. The Washington D.C. drug crimes lawyers on their platform have a lot of experience with the following drug crimes: The possession or use of cannabis by minors or adults. The possession or use of illegal drugs by minors or adults. Trading, producing or smuggling drugs.