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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Located in Salt Lake City

Smoak Law, P.C. is a family law firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The firm has a prenuptial agreement lawyer experienced in matters: Alimony, childcare plans, adoptions, divorces and separations, personal loss and worse litigations. A prenuptial agreement is a financial agreement, entered into prior marriage, and is an agreement between two spouses that shows, who gets to have what after a divorce. For rich spouses, with children or profitable interests to protect and wish to start a relationship. Smoak Law, P.C firm’s Salt Lake City prenuptial agreement lawyer, will help you draft up a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement is best for the following reasons: 1. Ensure financial security of disadvantaged spouse. 2. Secure individual assets. 3. Support children financially after divorce. 4. Secure inheritance. 5. Expenses incurred by family members in the relationship.

Limitations of a prenuptial agreement are: • No exemptions funding upkeep of children nor limiting it. • No preventing ex-spouses from seeing their children.

Visit the Smoak Law, P.C, Salt Lake City family lawyers have good prenup lawyers will draft for you, a document that is satisfying and diverse with no fear of costly court battles.

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